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Competency Center for Biomedical Engineering Laser and Health Academy Fotonika 21

CC BME Affiliations

With the ambition of commercial development at the global level, in 2010 twelve Slovenian partners, with support from the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology and partial funding of the European Regional Development Fund, set up a Competence Center of Biomedical Engineering (CC BME).


LAHAOne of the twelve partners that established an EU regional competency center for biomedical engineering (CC BME).
The Laser and Health Academy (LAHA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of research, education and publishing in the field of laser medicine.


The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport is responsible for regulating all segments of education in Slovenia, including pre-school children, primary education, music schools, lower and secondary education and secondary professional education, general secondary education, higher professional education, education of children with special needs, adult educational institutions, higher education, as well as official activities relating to science, culture and sport. The ministry also participates as an intermediate body for the regional Competence Center of Biomedical Engineering (CC BME).



European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is the financial instrument of the European Cohesion Policy for the 2007-2013 period. ERDF is like the European Social Fund a structural fund which represents part of the Community budget. Drawing on structural funds is implemented according to the principle of shared responsibility between the European Commission and the Member States authorities. For the 2007-2013 period Slovenia prepared two operational programmes, Operational Programme for Strengthening Regional Development Potentials (OP SRDP) and Operational Programme of Environmental and Transport Infrastructure Development (OP ETID) for which the ERDF financial instrument is used for the purpose of Objective 1 (“Convergence”) of the European Cohesion Policy. The ERDF is also the financial mechanism for Objective 3 (“European Territorial Cooperation”).



MIZKSThe Ministry's vision is centred on support for the further strengthening of the international competitiveness of Slovenian companies and on the aggressive adjustment of the structure of Slovenia's economy into a structure most adapted to the demands of the global economy.

Policy measures are therefore prioritised towards developing a business culture and common standards in society that promote innovation, investment in knowledge, new technology and enterprise, and towards formulating regulations that will stimulate enterprise and innovation in companies.

The Ministry therefore contributes to reducing the risks for companies and for individuals owing to the increasingly major and rapid changes, and thereby also to reducing the resistance to changes that today more than ever are the motive force for progress and international competitiveness.